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Mesh Systems
Mezzanine Floors

Mesh Systems

I.S.P. offer a selection of mesh systems including;

  • Standard size enclosures
  • Bespoke mesh enclosures
  • Pallet Racking aisles with secures doors
  • Individual pallet rack bays with secure doors
  • Pallet rack back cladding for pedestrian protection

The basic design is based on mesh modules bolted together to offer a working solution.

A range of standard doors including;

  • Single and double sliding doors
  • Single and double hinged doors
  • Fire escape crash bar doors
  • Solid or vision panel
  • Service hatch with shelf

Mesh systems can be free standing or rack supported.

Personnel protection
Pallet racking adjacent to pedestrian passageways can be clad with mesh panels to protect warehouse personnel form product dislodged from high level pallets.

Mesh can be fitted to existing pallet racking or supplied with new racking.

Industrial Partitions

In parallel with our mesh system I.S.P. offer a complete solid panel modular partitioning system.

Industrial offices complete with ceiling access doors and windows are available.

As with the mesh system a comprehensive range of doors is available.