I.S.P. offer a complete design and build service including;

Site Survey
I.S.P. offer a free site survey service.
Discuss the storage requirement and offer advice and alternatives.

Preparation of Layout Drawings and Proposals
In order to illustrate fully the intended solution detailed layout drawings are prepared and presented for each situation. This will take into account existing equipment such as forklift trucks.

Where appropriate alternative layouts or products that offer a preferred solution will be put forward.

Delivery and Installation by experienced installers.
All installations by I.S.P. comply to S.E.M.A. (Storage Equipment Manufacturers Assoc) Code of Practice and all current Health and Safety Regulations.

I.S.P. offer an inspection and repair service.
Rack Inspection Reports are prepared in accordance with manufacturers instructions and in line with S.E.M.A. (Storage Equipment manufacturers Assoc) Code of Practice.
In many instances, damaged uprights can be repaired, by cutting the damaged section from the upright with a new section spliced onto the upright, to replace the damaged section. All in accordance with manufacturers instructions.

Pallet racking, shelving and mezzanine floors are all suitable for re-locating from one warehouse to another. I.S.P. offer a complete service including dismantle, transport and installation at a new location of a full range of products.