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I.S.P. offer a complete range of hand loaded shelving systems.


  • Short span shelving
  • Long span shelving
  • Mobile shelving
  • Two tier shelving
  • Live shelving
  • Cupboard shelving
  • Archival shelving

Short Span
Shelving can be supplied in a wide range of specifications to suit the light duty office environment to heavy duty engineering storage.
Standard short span shelving generally comprises 1,000mm bays in a range of shelf depths from 300mm to 1,000mm. Heights can vary to suit requirements. Shelving can be supplied in a completely open structure or with solid sides and solid backs.

Long Span
Long span shelving comprises bay lengths of 1,200mm to 2,700mm with shelf depth of 400mm to 1,200mm. Again heights can vary to suit requirements.

In long span shelving there is a choice of steel or timber shelves depending on load requirements and environment.

Mobile Shelving
Mobile shelving offers very good use of space with shelving mounted onto mobile bases. Systems are operated by capstan wheel to open the desired aisle to access to required location. Track systems to suit computer floors are available.

Live Shelving
Often utilised in an order picking situation or in manufacturing as a buffer stock storage system. Boxes are stored in lanes dedicated to individual products and lanes of full boxes are promoted towards a picking face as the front box is emptied and removed.

Cupboard Shelving
For secure or dust free storage. Individual bays within a run of shelving can be fitted with lockable doors.

Archival Storage
Designed around clients specific archival boxes the shelving can accommodate boxes two deep and two high on each shelf or two deep and three high on each shelf where access to boxes is infrequent.

Archives accessed on a regular basis can be accommodated on shelving on a single level.